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About Salt Water Witness

In an increasingly dangerous world, darkness prospers as "we" silently give way to the cries of various "offended" people groups. 


At Salt Water Witness, we intend to shatter the silence, by lovingly standing our ground and boldly proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ. As Christians, we should be proud to put our faith "out there"! We have our testimony which changed our lives. But, how will they ever know if we don't tell them? So go, SMILE, evangelize, share your faith, be a witness and join the heart of Salt Water Witness!


Salt Water Witness is a ministry birthed from a vision dedicated to spreading God's message of love, forgiveness, redemption, mercy, grace and salvation. The youth of today is being fed a steady diet of lies, debauchery and divisiveness. All deadly entrees from the enemies menu. Jesus died for us to eat the bread of life and drink from the well of living water. His desire is that we live a life which honors Him. Is it to much to ask that we do so? We think not. Life's clock is ticking so we might wanna get serious about being the men, women, boys and girls, that Jesus died for us to be. We do not have to wait until we get to heaven to live a life of righteousness. We can do so beginning right here, right now. It just has to be His. Because His is the only righteousness that matters. We are all made in His image so lets act like it, lets live like it and lets love like it. Cause He truly is a good, good, Father. God Bless you all.

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